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  1. You Matter

From the album You Matter

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I don’t know why you gotta let
this old world bring you down
Run your dreams, run your name
down deep in the ground
Tell you who you’re not
what you’re never gonna do
Somehow along the way
you got it in your head
That you’re worthless, helpless, easy to forget
Nothing could be further from the truth

You Matter, yes you do
Somebody’s looking up to you
You’re wanted, you’re needed
You walk in the room and all I see is
fifty shades of beautiful
Somebody’s happy ever after
Believe me baby, You Matter

Verse 2:
You tried criticizing yourself long enough
I’d say some overdue praise
couldn’t hurt too much
You deserve to see you through my eyes
You’re brighter than you think
You’re stronger than you know
A story way too good not to be told
A diamond in the rough waiting to shine…
Waiting to shine

Repeat Chorus

This is your life &
you can be anything
There’s no holding back
if you just believe
I believe that you matter

Repeat Chorus