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  1. Simple's Not Easy

From the album You Matter

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Love is so simple
Just let it go and fall
Live in the moment
Hold back on nothing at all…

But the spell can be broken
And once broken it bleeds
Love is so simple
But sometimes simples not easy

I’m sorry is simple
Until it’s too late
When no one is listening
It won’t change much anyway

But those words bring together
What seems out of reach
I’m sorry sounds simple
But sometimes simples not easy

There’s gonna always be a question
That everyone will face
Who can be completely certain
If goodbye is all that’s left to say

Leaving is simple
Just walk out that door
One foot then the other
Till no ones there anymore

But the past is forever
If those memories live deep
Leaving is simple
But sometimes simples not easy

Simples not Easy, Simples not Easy…