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  1. Hate Me

From the album You Matter

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It’s good to see you out with friend
Lookin’ like you always did
Beautiful, you’re so beautiful
Yeah you caught me off guard
But that’s alright
It’s bound to happen in a town this size
Don’t expect you to stay home
When you’re moving on

You said hello and you wished me well
I wish you’d told me to go to hell
Or just let me be
That’d be easier on me

Just Hate Me
Don’t say hi just walk on by
And maybe I might get a clue
And get over you
It might save me
From going crazy
If you ever really loved me baby
Then just Hate Me

Now you ain’t doing nothing wrong
And I ain’t trying to hold on
It’s just hard you know, letting go
I thought I could handle this
But clearly I can’t handle shit
Wouldn’t be this way
But it’s gotta be this way

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

I know it ain’t fair of me
But you said if there’s anything
I ever need from you
Well, I’m begging you to

Repeat Chorus