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  1. Secondhand High

From the album You Matter

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You're contagious
everything you do
everybody wants to be or be with you
You're electric
you shock me with your touch
never wanted anything so much
gotta have it, gotta want it
baby bring it on, 'cause

You're my sugar rush
my cocaine bliss
illegal buzz, my perfect kiss
addiction that I can’t resist
no matter how hard I try
You're my roll it up, my throw it down
my tear it up, my paint this down
I need my fix to get by
Baby, you're my secondhand high!

Got me jonesin'
Waylon on my mind
Cash in my hand
and I'm running out of time
You're my downfall
The trip I hate to love
one more time is never enough
every minute, every moment
every second of the dayI want it

Repeat Chorus

Guitar Solo

Further & further up I go
Falling deeper down the rabbit hole

Repeat Chorus