From the album You Matter

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Maybe you’re at the end of a
50 hour work week
and it’s Friday night
Maybe you just turned 21
and you’re having the time of your life
Maybe you’re falling in love..
Maybe you’re breaking up…
and there’s a steel guitar playing
or a bass line bumping
and you’re grabbing a cold one

And you wanna hear a song
you can drink a beer to
dance all night, cry if you want to
Remember how good it was back then
forget why your heart is breakin’
Raise your glass, tip it back
nothing else in the world
makes you feel like that
Wherever you’re standing
Whatever your point of view
There’s something about a
song you can drink a beer to

Maybe you’ve got somebody by your side
that you’ve been kissing on
and Maybe you got caught cheating
or you were cheated on

or you’re a soldier
got your orders
and you’re shipping out in the morning
or you spent half your paycheck
just to see this show tonight

Repeat Chorus


Something you can sing along to
Nod your head to, shake your ass to…
Something you can hold on to

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, there’s something about a
song you can drink a beer to
Yeah drink a beer to, wanna a drink a beer to